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Do’s And Don’ts For Trekking In Nepal

Do's And Don'ts For Trekking In Nepal

Do you know what Trekking is? If NO! then we are here to help you. Trekking means going on a long journey, typically on foot, without using any vehicle. This journey may continue for several days or weeks. Trekking in Nepal is considered one of the most incredible adventures.

If you go on one, you may be going to spend the best days of your life. But to make your planning and preparations for Trekking easier, you should see these DO’S and DON’TS while trekking in Nepal.


Respect District Culture

Depending upon your Trekking in Nepal, cultures differ. It would be best to respect the culture while trekking and talk with these people about their history and culture. Also, try to avoid wearing revealing clothes and not to take pictures of people without their permission.

Keep a Distance from Technology.

While Trekking you should enjoy the physical appearance of the mountains, although you want to share with your friends and relatives your experience while you are there, you should enjoy where you are. In this way, you will also get to know the different cultures of Nepal.

Prepare for Every Situation.

Before trekking in Nepal, you should be prepared for every situation. Here situation means weather conditions. However, it is tough to predict weather conditions in the mountains.

Know What You Can Do

You should know what you can do. Plan your trip to Nepal according to your fitness. If you plan on going on Trekking in Nepal on your own without the help of any guide or porter and it is your first time going there, it will simply consume your time, and you might not be able to know all the routes and cultures.


Don’t Try to Overpack

Try to pack only the things you need because overpacking will only burden you. These extra things might look appealing to you, but later, they won’t be while carrying these bags in the mountains.

Don’t Forget to take Plenty of Cash

You need to know precisely how much cash you need while Trekking. Although it can be challenging to determine, it is preferable to take plenty of money while Trekking.

Don’t Throw Garbage

Don’t throw garbage everywhere; others will think you are illiterate. Try to avoid taking chips and biscuits with you and take meals cooked at home that are also free of plastic. In this way, there will be no garbage or waste paper for chips and biscuits. Also, bring a water filter with you to avoid purchasing extra water bottles. And many people buy bottles, and after emptying them, they throw them away.


We have given you some DOs and DON’TS of trekking in Nepal in this article. Please consider it first while Trekking. Because going on Trekking without doing any research is stupidity. It is also preferable to respect people’s culture there and not disturb people’s privacy.

Now follow the steps and enjoy your adventure in Nepal. Also, you can consult with us at Adventure Team. We will help you out with every detail of your journey.

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