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Hiking & Trekking In Nepal: A Complete Guide 2022

Hiking & Trekking in Nepal

Are you planning to go hiking & trekking in Nepal? If yes, then grab a snack and start reading below. We will cover everything related to trekking and hiking in Nepal.

Hiking or trekking in Nepal is a beautiful and enjoyable way to spend your vacation. Hiking tours in Nepal take you across breathtaking Himalayan scenery and distinct valleys of Nepalese life.

The cultural heritage sites, rural people, and culture are part of the Nepal hiking tour. Trekking in Nepal is best for those who have limited time in Nepal and for people of all ages.

Nepal hiking tours include spectacular mountain views, gorgeous landscapes, villages, and a glimpse into Nepalese culture.

What Is The Difference Between Trekking & Hiking?

Trekking and Hiking are two very different types of outdoor activities. Before diving deep into hiking in Nepal, you should know the difference between hiking and trekking.

So What is the difference between “trekking” and “hiking”?

Hiking can be a one-day or multi-day adventure. You’ll need to bring your food and sleep in improvised backcountry shelters, refuges, or tents. On a trek, you might expect to stay in teahouses, travelers’ hostels, hotels, or motels.

Why Is Nepal Perfect For Hiking & Trekking?

Nepal is a classic trekking location, with easy access to the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalayas, and Mt. Everest, the world’s most famous mountain.

If you want to see the most spectacular alpine landscapes this planet has to offer, you might like to schedule a flight to Kathmandu. Even the most experienced mountaineers will find enough routes in the Nepalese Himalaya to keep them coming back.

What Makes Nepal So Different?

Nepal is more than just a starting point for trips to the Himalayas. Nepal is one of the world’s least civilized countries. Its unusual combination of high mountains and tropical climates offers a diverse range of habitats that support rich biodiversity.

Nepal’s geography has resulted in a great deal of cultural diversity. Although Nepal is a melting pot of ethnic groupings, the spirit of Nepali culture is primarily based on Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

In Nepal’s vibrant city, Kathmandu, monks, monasteries, sadhus, and stupas abound. A trip to Nepal is an engaging experience that will enlighten newcomers to the world and seasoned travelers alike.

What Is The Best Season To Visit Nepal for Hiking & Trekking?

 In general, the best season to go hiking in late fall and early spring, when the weather is clear and there is less rainfall, which is excellent for mountain hikes.

If you don’t want to be among the masses of like-minded travelers, go in early September or late May. Because of the less-than-ideal weather outside of peak season is the most fantastic time to avoid crowds. Bring your hiking boots and your adventure pants!

The Best Hiking & Trekking Spots In Nepal For An Unforgettable Experience

Mount Everest Base Camp

The great majority of visitors who go hiking in Nepal pick this classic 14-16 days trek to Everest Base Camp. Choose dates in March-April or October-November to catch a peek at the world-famous Mt. Everest, as these are the ideal times to hike in Nepal for excellent views.

The Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit Trek, which lasts 12-16 days and offers impressive views of the Himalayas, is another renowned Nepal adventure. As you climb through two river valleys while surrounding the Annapurna Massif, a massive cluster of towering hills, you’ll witness a diversity of climatic regions and cultures.

Poon Hill

The 4 – 5 days Poon Hill Trek is shorter and less complicated. Poon Hill is a lower elevation path that allows you to see the Himalayas without the temperature of the higher climbs.

The Langtang Trek

The Langtang Valley trip, which lasts 7 to 9 days, is another option for short people. The 2015 earthquake significantly impacted this region, and tourism is still recovering. As a result, this journey is less popular and has fewer amenities than the Everest Base Camp or Annapurna treks.


Nepal is a beautiful country with lots of trekking options for the adventurous. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog post about hiking & trekking in Nepal. If you want more information on how we can help plan your trip or what gear you might need, just let us know!

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