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Hiking vs Trekking

Hiking vs Trekking


A hike is the most widely used term and has a broad definition. Hiking is walking in the natural environment along established trails. The activity can be a day hike or an overnight hike. A hike might last an hour or longer, and you could do a simple out-and-back trail to an overlook or you could do a loop hike or a point-to-point hike. It can be on flat or steep terrain. A light daypack with water, a snack, and maybe a jacket or extra layer for higher elevations is all you need. Most hiking tours include short walks or mountain excursions each day. On a hiking tour, the distance covered per day is generally between 5 and 8 kilometers.


Trekking entails going a long distance on foot in remote areas without access to vehicles. There have been many days of walking involved. Trekking routes are often less traveled than hiking routes. You will be in remote and mountainous regions that are challenging. Trails are typically longer and tougher than hikes. An adventure trek generally has a different start and endpoint than a hiking tour. Depending on the distance traveled, you may travel between five and twenty-five kilometers. To go trekking, you need to plan and prepare more. You must carry more equipment. On most trekking adventures, you stay at a tea house or a tented camp while on hiking you may stay in some luxurious hotels.

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