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How To Plan A Trip To Nepal

How To Plan A Trip To Nepal

Who doesn’t want to go on long vacations with their loved ones? If you’re going to go, Nepal is most commonly known as a trekkers paradise. If you are visiting Nepal for the first time or have visited Nepal many times, you will enjoy your trip to Nepal every time.

When planning a trip to Nepal, you should consider the following steps;

Step 1: Why do you Want to Plan a Trip to Nepal?

The first step is finding why you want to visit Nepal or what is there in Nepal to see? Although it is a difficult task to plan a trip. Do you have to think about where you should start? You have to decide your budget and where you need or want to go. So you have to do all this planning before going on a trip to Nepal.

Step 2 At What Time of the Year should you Visit Nepal?

The 2nd step is to decide when you should visit Nepal. It is as essential as planning where you will be going in Nepal. In Nepal, every season is different. It is recommended to plan your trip to Nepal when the festive season is around. It will be much more joyful for you then.

Step 3: Plan your Activities.

In this step, you need to plan your activities. It can be divided into two sections;

The 1st part includes your visas, hotel bookings, and flights.

The 2nd part is to decide whether you want to book a trek or not. If you wish to enter Nepal, you need a travel visa. After doing this, the next thing is to book a tour and save costs.

Step 4 Discovering Nepal

This step is all about getting around and discovering different areas of Nepal. I would recommend avoiding all the rickshaws or taxis asking for 1000 Rs for taking you from one place to another. It will be a waste of money. Try taking a local bus in Kathmandu and Tourist buses to go to Pokhara or Chitwan which will cost less and save plenty of your money.

Step 5 Exploring Nepal

The last step is where the fun will begin. Now you are going to travel around correctly. You can also book a local guide for trekking. It will save you time and give you more time for traveling and seeing Nepal, or you can have a Nepal guidebook that will guide you for your trip. Nepal is one of the best adventures. It would help if you planned it properly, and there you go.

When planning a trip to Nepal, it’s important to do your research before going. This article should have given you everything you need to know about planning an amazing trip. If you still have any questions or are looking for help with your upcoming trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Adventure Team.

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